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Chardonnay Wine

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of Yarra Valley Chardonnay! With a history dating back to 1838, the Yarra Valley is Victoria's oldest wine region, and it's no surprise that it's celebrated for producing world-class cool-climate Chardonnays. Step into the enchanting allure of our Chardonnay wines and discover the magic that awaits.

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Rochford Estate Chardonnay 2022
94 Points - Halliday Wine Companion
RRP: $38.00
Rochford Single Vineyard 'Dans les Bois' Chardonnay 2019
96 Points - Halliday Wine Companion 2021
RRP: $49.00
Rochford Chardonnay 2023
RRP: $21.00
Rochford Single Vineyard Isabella's Chardonnay 2019
96 Points - Halliday Wine Companion 2021
RRP: $75.00
Rochford Single Vineyard 'Terre' Chardonnay 2019
96 Points - Halliday Wine Companion
RRP: $60.00
Rochford Single Vineyard 'Premier' Chardonnay 2019
97 Points - The Real Review
RRP: $100.00
Toolangi Chardonnay 2022
RRP: $30.00
Toolangi F Block Chardonnay 2022

95 Points – The Wine Front 2024

RRP: $100.00
Rochford Chardonnay Gin
RRP: $92.00

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At Rochford Wines, we consider ourselves lucky to have access to some of the most amazing vineyard material in the Gruyere sub-region, making our Chardonnay wines stand out from the crowd. Our Yarra Valley Chardonnays are not just your average sips; they're a true reflection of the magic that happens in this picturesque wine region.

Embark on a journey through Rochford's Chardonnay vineyards, where nature and the finesse of winemaking unite to craft unparalleled wines. Across the captivating landscapes of the Yarra Valley, our three distinctive vineyards thrive, each revealing its unique character, grounded in the Yarra Valley's diverse soils and microclimates.

Briarty 9 Vineyard

Nestled within the enchanting Yarra Valley sub-region of Gruyere, the Briarty 9 Vineyard is a testament to the intricacies of our craft. Facing south, the vineyard enjoys a dance of sunlight on its north/south rows along the gentle slope. The soil composition, characterised by fine silty clay loam, yields an ideal foundation for our select Dijon clones of Chardonnay (76 and 96) and Pinot Noir (114 and 115), along with the venerable MV6 plantings. With vines that found their roots in 1998, this vineyard is a living legacy of our pursuit of excellence.

Isabella's Vineyard

Named in honour of Helmut's daughter, Isabella's Vineyard graces the revered Gruyere sub-region. Nestled within a prestigious contour strip of renowned vineyards, this vineyard basks in a sun-drenched northern aspect, nestled on a steep slope that elevates its beauty and allure. The ancient, mountain-derived sandy clay loams of its soils add to its allure, weaving their magic into our Rochford Cabernet Sauvignon and Rochford Chardonnay vines that have aged gracefully for over three decades. With a mean maximum January temperature of 27°C, Isabella's Vineyard becomes the canvas for our acclaimed winemaking journey.

At Rochford, our vineyard management philosophy celebrates balance and sustainability. We nurture our vines with care, keeping yields low and orchestrating canopy structure to the rhythm of each season. The result? Intensely flavoured fruit, boasting well-balanced acidity, and capturing the essence of each vineyard's unique character. Guided by the wisdom of Mother Nature herself, we create wines that carry the distinctive touch of their origins, encapsulating the spirit of the Yarra Valley.

Kick off your Chardonnay wine experience with our Estate Chardonnay, a flavoursome and energetic delight that captures the best of both the Central and Upper Yarra Valley fruits. The refreshing vibes of this Yarra Valley Chardonnay are perfect for those easy-going moments or elevating your meals to new heights.

Ready for a deeper dive into Yarra Valley Chardonnays? Our Single Vineyard range is a treasure trove of Upper Yarra Valley wonders. From the perfumed elegance of ‘Dans les Bois’ to the zesty charm of ‘Terre’ and the multi-layered brilliance of Premier, our Chardonnay wines have got that volcanic energy and high-acid sass to keep you wanting more!

Here at Rochford, we're all about crafting Chardonnay wines that quench your thirst and elevate your enjoyment. Each vintage of our Yarra Valley Chardonnay is a unique tale, capturing the nuances and flavours of the year, bottled with love and care just for you.

Indulge in Rochford Chardonnay wines, sourced from sun-kissed Gruyere vineyards and volcanic Upper Yarra soils. With every sip of our Yarra Valley Chardonnay, you'll experience a symphony of flavours, from zesty citrus fruits to luscious creaminess that'll leave you in awe.

Our Chief Winemaker sums it up perfectly: "Experience the refreshing allure of our Chardonnay wines, crafted with precision and a focus on drinkability." So let the adventure begin, and let Rochford Wines be your guide to the most captivating Chardonnay journey of a lifetime! Cheers!